DOE Race to Zero 2017

This semester, I worked with a team for a proposal for the Department of Energy Race to Zero Student Design Competition. The team comprised of one Master of Architecture student(Hieu Huynh) and 3 Master of Building Science students(Kyeongsuk Lee,Tian Chen, Lu Huang).

Our intent is to be able to reuse/adapt an existing footprint and structure of a typical house in the Los Angeles area and accommodate a growing single family while increasing the buildings performance to become net-zero.

DOE Poster-01

Rise Up Studio

The issue of sea level rise is an ongoing battle to adapt to the changes we face today in our coastal communities. Our vision for the North Beach Village neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is to create a diverse & holistic community that will foster more sustainable growth and economic prosperity that includes a variety of uses in a walkable neighborhood. This was a collaborative project with group members Chase Ashley, Christian Estrada, and the advisement of Lawrence Scarpa from Brooks+Scarpa. We also collaborated with architecture students and professionals from the University of Kansas and Florida Atlantic University.


Rising Threats

This is an abstract look at the threats of the South Florida area, specifically the Fort Lauderdale, looking at rises in sea level and historical hurricane paths that have affected the area. Yellow indicates a sea level rise of 2′, which causes loss of power in communities. Orange indicates areas that would be significantly damaged with a sea level rise of 4′ and red indicates areas damaged with a sea level rise of 5′.

Assignement 1 Board


Studio Final Presentation. Big thanks to professors Steven Ehrlich and Takashi Yanai for a great semester.

The Nest is a combination of housing for single mothers and a nature center for the community of Blair Hills. The vision is to provide safe and convenient housing for the single mothers as well as increase the communities’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the natural environment through building materials, design strategies, and outdoor communal areas. The center also caters to the active users of the future “Park to Playa Trail,” which will have a designated trailhead that provides an overlook of the city to the North and the community center to the South.