Over the weekend..

Over the weekend, I had the chance to see downtown 3rd on a friday night to observe how the public sidewalk spaces would be used. I noticed that even at night, the sidewalk on the west side of the street still had more pedestrians walking than the east side. The space was very loud and noisy that people would have to talk very loud even though they were right next to each other. 

On saturday night, I went to The Linq, located on the strip. This was very busy as well but the level of noise seemed very controlled. The buildings and vegetation were very tall, giving the sense of an enclosed space. Walking through The Linq, the entrance started off very narrow and opened up into social squares located within. With The Linq, I felt like there was more of a destination that I had to reach at the end, which was the High Roller. I did not have this same feeling in downtown 3rd and the sense of an enclosed space was not there as well. Walking through The Linq, all of the businesses were very transparent and allowed everyone who was walking by to see what the business offered and what was going on inside.


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