Visits to The Linq..

In the last few weeks, I have been visiting The Linq multiple times a week collecting data for the Community Integrated Resorts(CIR) study. I have analyzed the sensory aspect of the the major areas and also looked at how people use and walk through the spaces. I’ve noticed that certain paving on the walkways have an impact on the path that people walk. Along with that study, I measured the sounds within these areas and recorded what activities were happening. With the information that I have gathered, I am trying to see how these all effect the businesses. Most businesses that I looked at kept their doors open during the day and night to draw customers to their business. Each business played their own type of music and helped draw customers to stop and look or even enter the business. The team has narrowed down what we think a CIR consist of into three categories: physical, programming, and sensory. The part that I will continue to focus on currently is the sensory of The Linq and how it can help with the CIR project.


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