Building Envelope Field Trip

Was fortunate to be allowed to visit the Souther California Glass Management Association Local 636 today and built a sample curtain wall assembly, operate a spider crane and use the arc welder!



A Community Center for Blair Hills, Ca.

The start of the spring 2016 semester and I am just now posting one week before mid-reviews. Our project consist of a community center for the neighborhood of Blair Hills, Ca. The program also must include any type of designated housing and the community center was left for us to interpret what it meant to us. Along the site runs the future section of the “Park to Playa” trail that connects multiple parks and ends at the Pacific Ocean. My vision for this community project is a community environmental nature center (CENC), trailhead, and most importantly, housing for single mothers in the area. I have chosen to make the focus on the single mother housing (SMH) because the rate for the area is more than double the average in the surrounding neighborhoods. I want to provide a safe,sustainable, and communal environment that allow for the residences to be able to thrive. There is also a connection to the surrounding neighborhood so that there is a sense of belonging.

I will keep updating as I develop further.

Early program diagramming:

single mother data hierachy

Site conditions and Possible Strategies:


Conceptual Parti:


Site and Program integrations:

Program diagrams for SMH :

Section Diagrams for CENC:


Primitive Renderings:


More to come.